The Doll

by Breanna
(Edmonton, Canada)

There was this girl named anna. one day anna and her mom went shopping. Anna saw a doll holding up 2 fingers. mommy mommy can i get this doll? Anna asked. Okay said her mother.

That night anna went to bed and left her doll on the table. 12 oclock at night anna heard "anna I'm in the kitchen anna Ï"m in the living room. She got really scared but anna went back to sleep. 4 oclock anna hears anna im on the first step anna im on the second step. Anna got really freaked out so she covered her head with her blanket and went back to bed. 7 oclock anna hears anna im on the third stap anna im on the fourth step.

Now anna got really scared but she got back to bed the next morning anna finds her doll on the stairs of her house so she was like whatever. The next night anna im on the fith step anna im in the hallway. anna was super scared and confused. But anna was so convinced she was dreaming so she went back to bed.

4 oclock anna im at your door anna im in your bed room. anna was so scare now so she looked around her room and she found nothing. she went back to bed. 7 oclock anna hears really loudly anna im right besie you im gonna kill you. anna looked up and saw her doll with a gun in her hand. The doll says dont worry anna i'll tell your mother you love her.

the next morning annas mom walkes into annas room. anna dead and the doll is now holding up three fingers.

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