The Doll

by Samantha
(Pasadena, California)

A harmless Raggedy Ann doll

A harmless Raggedy Ann doll

One day there was a wife and a husband who just had their first child. His first birthday came up and they decided to buy him a toy. They went to the toy store and saw an adorable doll on the shelf. The doll seemed to be waving.

The couple asked if they could buy it, but the man said, " No." The couple offered $100 for the doll. The man accepted, but he did have this to say, "Never leave it alone with the child." The two of them bought the doll and went home.

They got home and took it upstairs. They played with that waving doll for hours until the doorbell rang. The two of them ran downstairs, but left the child with the doll. There was no one at the door. The two of them walked back upstairs to check on their son. They got up there and no one was in the room except, of course, the doll!

The doll that was once waving was now waving six fingers. No one knows what happened to the child, all except for one!

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