The Doll in the Attic

by Jadyn H
(Pittsburgh, PA - USA)

One day a family with a kid named Emily moved into this house. Emily was 7 years old. Everyone said the house was haunted, but Emily and her family did not belive in ghosts.

That night, Emily waited for everyone to go to bed,(the ghost lived in the attic and came out at daytime) she snuck out and went to the attic. She looked for anything the last people who lived their stuff. She saw the cutest doll she ever saw in a little bag. The doll had little black heels and her socks had laces on them. She had curly red hair and sky blue eyes. Emily took her out of the attic and brought her into her bed.

Emily heard a noise when she was about to go to bed. It was a voice. It said "I want to be your friend. What's your name?" Emily thought she was just hearing things, but she heard it again. "What is your name?" It said a little louder. Emily was scared and looked at the doll. "Your name please?" It said really sweetly. "E-e- Emily." Said Emily. "Nice name." Said the doll. The doll climbed up on Emily and gave her a hug. Emily hugged back. The next night she and the doll played together.

Whenever it was time for Emily to have her own kids and move to have here own house, she moved and left the doll behind. After 2 days, Emily came back to the house she always lived. She looked everywhere for the doll and she finally found her. She was under Emily's covers. The doll asked if she was Emily. Emily nodded. She picked her up and drove her to her new house.

A few weeks later Emily had her first kid. She named her Sarah. That night Emily went upstairs and Sarah slept downstairs. When Emily went to sleep, Sarah got out of bed and ran to the attic. She found a doll that looked like Emily's. She grabbed the doll and ran downstairs. She went to sleep and woke up by a voice. It said "I want to be your friend. Whats your name?" "Sarah." the doll smiled. The next day Sarah took the doll downstairs. She showed Emily. Sarah's doll said "hi." Emily's doll said hi, too. Sarah slept with Emily that night.

Sarah, Emily, and the dolls talked and played every night. When Sarah grew up she had a kid and the same thing happened again and again. But every night, Emily and the doll did the same thing over and over again. Emily loved having a friend.

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