The Dime

by Emma

The missing dime

The missing dime

Delany McTavish was a girl from a poor family. Her parents were unemployed, and she had the responsibility of supporting her family whenever she had the chance. One day, Delany decided to leave her family's cramped apartment. She took a stroll around her town's public park.

While Delany sat on a splintery park bench, an odd eldery man walked up to her. "Miss," he began. Delany, not noticing him at first, gasped a bit. His voice was coarse and cracking. "Have you got a dime to spare?," he asked.

Delany looked down. "I am sorry, Mister. I really am. I do not have a single dime in my possesion, nor in my apartment."

When Delany looked back up, the man was gone. She turned around. She looked to her side, and he wasn't there. Delany, a bit troubled, figured perhaps he became embarrassed of his asking and fled. But it was unlikely so eldery a man could get out of her sight so quick.

While Delany was pondering this, another man approached her. "Miss," he also began. Delany looked up, abondoning her daydreams. This man was young, youthful, and handsome. "Have you got a dime to spare?" His voice was deep and manly. "I'm afraid I do not, Mister. I come from a poor family on Belvin Street." Delany saw the man stare at her, and she pretended to become mesmorized in flattening her filthy skirt. When she looked up, the young man was gone.

Delany, now a bit frightened, was considering returning to her miserable family. Just then, a mid-aged woman appeared. "Miss," she began. "Have you got a dime to spare?," Delany, now almost furious, said, " No! I do not! I am from a poor family in home 119!" Then Delany stormed out of the park, grabbing her few belongings with her.

When she returned to her appartment, she noticed her parents were gone. This was not unusual in the McTavish household, for they may be job hunting or baby sitting tikes. Delany went to her and her parent's bedroom and sat down. She looked on her dresser, in hopes of finding something, even paper, for her to use to amuse herself. No luck. The whole dresser top was clear.

Delany closed her eyes and thought about the incident at the park. Perhaps it was a mean spirited joke, Delany thought. All of these feelings swelled up inside her. Then Delany, not wanting to get herself all riled up, opened her eyes. They wandered back onto her dresser top. And what she saw convinced her that the incident was no joke. On top of her dirty, scratched dresser top, was a shiny, silver dime. From under the bed, a voice had asked her, "Miss, have you got a dime to spare?"

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