The Demon Knife

by Sabrina

There once was a girl, everyone wondered about, she was seen every day in the woods by other villagers. They chose not to disturb her in case it was some form of worship. They wondered, who was she, was she human, where was her true home.

The villagers had theories of their own. The craftsmen thought her home was a rival village and when people weren’t looking she was stealing their wood from the forest. The village moms think she is one of two things, a lost, sad child, with no home, in need of help, or a sneaky, disobedient, spoiled child from a fancy home. They didn’t know where she belonged or if she belonged.

On a particular stormy day, when the girl appeared, she didn’t go to her normal spot. To everyone’s surprise she went to the craftsmen’s wife and asked to stay with them.

“Excuse me ma’am do you have an extra room per chance I am in need of a room until the storm passes.” The girl had a soft voice, it was sweet and gentle.

Everyone gasped at the statement. The craftsmen and his wife have had a child but he had died last winter. They of course had a free room but, they had made it sacred to themselves.

“Little girl, it is so rude to come up to a stranger and demand a room! The craftsmen’s wife yelled at the young girl’s face.

The young girl’s pale face twisted up into an in human expression of anger.

“You wretched women, I tell you that you will be punished for yelling at the face of evil! You will lose all that you love starting with your family, and then you will die a slow painful death, just like me.” The strange and apparently evil little girl stormed off into the forest.

“Cynthia, are you all right?” The craftsmen franticly asked his shaking wife.

“I’m fine John.” She said looking like she didn’t even believe her own words.

That night the villagers gathered at Cynthia’s house to comfort her.

In the woods, the girl told her master about her plans. “She will be punished. She will see what it means do die, to meet the power of the heartless and face an untimely doom. She ranted.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself girl, the wispy figure said in a voice that was unnerving, your powers aren’t even developed yet. You died only just years ago.”

“Then, give me more!” the girl demanded.

“ A demon your age doesn’t need that much power, besides only I can give it to you, so this conversation is over. Now leave me.”

“Yes, mistress.” The demon girl said with a plan a revenge building inside her mind.”

Who was it for, the Mistress or Cynthia?

The next morning, Cynthia awoke with a sudden urge to go pick some flowers. She walked down a grass trail; it was a nice spring day. She thought about how her son would have loved to walk down this path with his mom picking flowers. Cynthia tears went down her face white rose off a bush. This was the same kind of flower the craftsmen had given her after their son was born.

After she returned home, she found a most terrifying sight, everyone was gathered in the infirmary gathered over, none other than the craftsmen. The doctor explained that his apprentice brought him in and he later explained that he and the boss were eating lunch and out of nowhere this arrow came and hit the boss right in the heart.

“If someone gets hit in the heart doesn’t that mean their….. dead.” Cynthia stammered.

“Unfortunately, yes, he was gone upon arrival, but I thought you would want to say good bye. The doctor said somberly. I’m sorry, we just couldn’t save him.”

“Goodbye my love, in will always love you John.” She grabbed his hand and kissed his head.

Suddenly Cynthia felt someone grab her hand.

“John is that you?” Cynthia asked hopeful.
“Cynthia, what happened, where am I?” John questioned with a puzzled look on his face.

“John you died, because you got shot in the heart with an arrow but, you are alive again. It’s a miracle.”

“I love you Cynthia.”

“Oh John, I love you too. Cynthia said beaming.
Over the next few days, John was recovering and his recovery was amazingly fast. He and Cynthia went home after that. They relaxed and laughed and had a great meal.

“I’m going upstairs John.” Cynthia called. “Ok, dear.” John said back.

After John heard his wife fall asleep, he grabbed the good kitchen knife and brought it upstairs. He tiptoed into their room and gently took the covers off Cynthia. He woke up Cynthia.

“Well, I told you would lose all those you love and die a slow and painful death but, let’s just go with painful.” John said, his voice suddenly resembling a certain evil little girl’s, as he plunged the knife into Cynthia’s heart again and again.

The next morning everyone was shocked with the sight at Cynthia and John’s house. Cynthia had a knife in her heart and John had the same arrow in his heart from when he got shot.

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