The Dead Hand

by Bob

There was once a village near a lake with a few people. In the morning, the people would look after their crops and chop up some wood, but when the sun came down, they would quickly hurry back home as it was believed a ghost of an old man roamed the lake at night

The only person who didn't believe in the ghost was named Tom. He lived in the village for years and hadn't seen any ghost at all.

One day Tom said to the people that he would go out to the lake at night and prove to them that there was no ghost.

That night, Tom brought a torch and went walking alone to the lake. A few people followed him to see what will happen. The people heard Tom singing to himself as they followed him. Nothing really happened.

As Tom reached the lake, the people heard him scream and try to pull away from something. It looked to them as if a rotting and wrinkly, old hand with no arm or body connected to it was pulling on Tom's hand. Tom tried to run away but it was no use. He was pulled down into the lake.

By the morning, there was no sign of Tom anymore. Because of this, all the village people went away from the village and it is now believed to be a haunted, abandoned area.

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