The Day the Lights Went Out

by Zaynab Mahmood
(United Kingdom )

One night when sisters Amber and Zoe were home alone, they started to feel a little scared so Zoe, the eldest decided to go upstairs with Amber and lie in bed.

A few minutes later, Zoe started hearing a noise, but when consulting Amber, she realized that Amber could not hear it. It was a strange noise. A scraping sound. Someone or even something scratching the window to try and get in. Zoe had the bedroom light on, but suddenly it went out!

Amber struggled around in the bed, reaching out, trying to cling to Zoe, but all she felt was the bed covers next to her and the mattress she was lying on. Then the lights came back on again and Amber saw that Zoe really was not there. All Amber could wish that her other older sister, Hannah, was there with her, and at the moment the lights went out again. There was a strangled scream and Amber was gone.

That night, when their mum, dad and sister Hannah came back they arrived to find two corpses, strangled and bloody all over. Two corpses, just lying there in their house. Two corpses, of their daughters Zoe and Amber.

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