The Day Came

by Martha King
(West Sussex)

These hands are coming for you

These hands are coming for you

A young girl about the age of 7 was walking to her grandma's house on her own. Her grandma's house was about 20 minutes away and she had to walk through a dark forest on her own when it was getting dark.

It was about 5:43 and she was still walking to her grandma's house, suddenly a dark figure appeared out of nowhere and jumped out in front of her. She tried to escape but got caught before she could say 'help'.

The figure had no face and no legs all he had was a dark cloak on and his hands to kill. He grabbed out a knife from his pocket and started to kill. The figure ran away and left her for DEAD.

Her mobile phone was ringing and it was her grandma. She slowly lifted up her head and answered...

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