The Date

by Jose
(Atlantic city, New Jersey)

Everyone is always happy about there first date except me. My first date was nothing but a nightmare. I'm lucky to be alive so I'll just tell you the story. I was at the mall and I saw a cute boy at a snack bar. Me, being me, I just had to talk to him and we ended up having a date. So everything was planned for a movie, I'll skip to that night.


"On your bed, honey" she replied. I got my dress and I was ready for my date. My name is Sabrina Brown and now my date Jeffrey Blake is ready to take me to a movie. I wasn't suspecting on having a bad time but you're in for a surprise. As I got into the car I felt a vibe like it was telling me to go back home.

"That'll be 13.47$ sir" said the cashier. We were at the theatre and I felt like something was just wrong being there.

"HE'S GOT A GUN. RUN EVERYONE RUN!" someone screamed. I looked back and saw a guy with a gun and he shot the person who screamed. Blood just started flying on popcorn, the arcade and windows. We all started running and the guy just kept shooting at anyone who ran passed him.

"Give me the money or I'll start killing more people now hurry up and give up the cash" he said.

"You don't have the right to just kill people for money" I said. He pointed the gun at me and I was scared for my life. Jeffery then tackeled the man to the floor and we all heard a shot. I looked real closely and saw that Jeffery had been shot in the heart and is now bleeding to death. He got up and again pointed the gun at me. I looked at the window, I saw cops approaching and the man was surprised realizing he was surrounded.

"You'll be sorry" he said. "Watch I'll get you". He took a shot at my arm and I fell to the ground nearly bleeding to death. I survived and was sent to the hospital. So that's how my first date went.

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