The Darkness

by Nathan
(San Antonio, Texas)

Your parents always tell you not to be afraid of the dark, that there's nothing there and it's all in your head, if the only knew.

The first victim of the darkness was a young boy named Roger and his family. He was about 17 years old and had life of an average 11th grader.

The story goes that he was just about to go to bed when the light flickered and he heard a crash from downstairs. He didn’t think anything of it so he went back to sleep. He awoke around 3 a.m.; he tried to go back to sleep but something wouldn’t let him. No matter how hard he tried to he just couldnt't, so he went downstairs to get a glass of milk.

He left his room and turned on the hallway light. He walked down the hallway, towards the stairs. He turned on the stair light and then walked down the stairs and then he started to think about the crash he heard downstairs. His common sense told him that his Mom or Dad probably dropped a plate when the lights flickered. As soon as he was downstairs he saw a panel for three lights. The first was for the stair light, which was a duel switch so that you can turn on the light from both the bottom and the top of the stairs. The second was for a lamp in the living room to his right. And the third was for the main light with the fan in the middle of the living room.

Still drowsy he turned on all three lights, which turned off the stair light. He made his way to the kitchen but when he turned on the light he saw the broken dish shattered all over the floor. Then he noticed that all the food from dinner was still there. His dad's, mom's, and both his sisters' plates were still on the kitchen table, cold from being left out too long. He ignored it and stepped around the broken pieces of glass. He went toward the edge of the counter to get the broom; he started to sweep the glass into a pail so he could dispose of it properly. When he was done he put the broom back and got a plastic glass out of the cabinet under the counter.

He put the glass down and opened the refrigerator door and grabbed the milk. He checked the expiration date to see if it was still good but the date said it expired three days ago, so he went towards the sink to empty it. When he was done he threw it away in the trash can. Then he walked towards the pantry to see if there was any iced tea powdered mix left or something to quench his thirst. To his luck there was just one packet left. He went to grab the packet when the door shut behind him.

The room was pitch-black. The boy didn’t bother to turn on the pantry light because the light from the kitchen was enough to light up the pantry, but when the door closed, the only light was the light that shon thru the crack under the door. The boy panicked and ran toward the switch quickly turning on the light. He tried to find the reason why the door would close like that but to no avail, he got the door stop and shoved it under the pantry door so that the door would never close by itself again. He poured water into the glass and stirred the powder together; he finished the drink and washed his glass in the sink. He got the plates that were on the table and threw away all the food that was left over and washed them.

When he was washing the plates he still couldn’t figure out why all the food was just left out and why there was a broken plate left on the floor. When he was done washing the plates he reached up to put them back in the cabinet. In the corner of his eye he saw something running outside the window. Looking into the backyard, he knew it wasn’t the dogs because he could have sworn that this was a silhouette of a man. He ran towards the giant sliding doors leading to the backyard and turned on the flood lights. The only things that he could see outside were his dogs looking at the giant door wagging their tails in sight of their master.

He was just about to blow it off when he saw a figure near the fence line in the backyard, when he saw this, chills ran up his spine. He opened the door and yelled to his dogs with a scared tone in his voice “Get him, run!” The dogs ran towards the man in the back, when for no explainable reason, the floodlight gave out. All he heard was the dogs give a cry and then nothing, just silence.

He stalled in fear of what could be happening and quickly shut the door and locked it. He started to run upstairs when the kitchen and pantry light gave out. That’s when one second felt like many minutes. As this point, his heart just stopped because of what he saw. It was what looked to be the same shadowy figure that was in his backyard but now it was standing in the darkness, right in the middle of the kitchen, slowly walking towards him. He ran towards the stairs and yelled for his parents but what he forgot was that he accidentally turned off the stair lights. When he saw this he didn’t know what to do so he froze.

The only thing that prevented the shadow from getting him was the main light in the middle of the room and the lamp, for those were the only lights that were still on. Then all he heard was a loud “pop!”. He looked at the lamp light to see that the light bulb had gone out, then he heard another pop. He looked at the main light to see that one out of four light bulbs had burnt out, then the second, and then the third. All that remained was the fourth and final light.

He ran for the stairs not thinking of turning on the light. Running up the stairs felt more like running on sifting sands. In the middle of the stairs he heard the dreadful pop as the last light that kept him apart from the shadow went out. He was too scared to look behind him; all he was focused on was making it up the stairs and to his parents' room. He ran as fast as could up the stairs and jumped into the hallway light. He struggled to get his back away from the darkness.

He was sitting down leaning up against the wall and his only way to his parents' room was to go around the stairs and run down the hall. When he was sitting down, he saw the shadowy figure at the other end of the stairs, they stared at each other for about five seconds when the figure started working his way upstairs.

The boy struggled to get to his feet and ran down the hall, he banged on his parents' door telling them to open the door, no answer. The boy looked back at the stairs only to see that the hallway light was flickering on and off. He broke the door knob in the struggle to open his parents' door. He ran inside to find out that his parents where gone. He ran back outside into the hallway and ran as fast as he could to his room. He didn’t close his door but instead turned on five lights in his room and jumped into his bed.

He looked around his room to see the hall light give out, and then he saw the figure emerge from the shadow standing where the light couldn't reach him, waiting for the lights to give out. The first light finally gave out in the corner of his room, the boy started to think of his parents and his sisters. What could have happened to them? Did this thing take them? The second light went out. Maybe that’s what happened when the lights flickered; the darkness must have taken them! The third light went out. That explains why the food was still left on the table and why the dish had crashed onto the floor! The fourth light went out; the darkness was nearly covering the room taking all of the floor and three sides of the room. He started to cry, he didn’t want to die, he didn’t want to vanish, and he wanted to see his parents one last time. When the fifth and final light went out all anyone heard was a scream of pure terror and then nothing but complete and absolute silence.

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