The dark train

by Jacob
(Texas )

Train approaching

Train approaching

There once was a lady that just had her first baby and one day she decided that she didn't want it anymore. One day she was traveling to her mother's house and found a dark train coming toward her. Suddenly it came to a halt. And she saw a little old man sitting on the side of the dark train. The lady asked if the man wanted the little child but he said "no". She then told him "fine give me a ticket so I can go to my mother's house". He gave her the ticket and then the dark train rolled away.

When she got to her mother's house she didn't have the baby with her and the mother asked "where is the baby at?" The woman sat her mother down and told her the whole story. She didn't want it anymore and the mother was worried. She said "what did you do with the baby?" She said "I could not stand the crying when I was on the train so I went to the back of the train and tossed the baby overboard. Then the mother started crying!

Legend has it if you ever get on the dark train as it is now called The Black Train of Death and you pass the very spot the young child landed you can still hear the baby crying! The mother ended up dieing and she still cared for the little baby and you may see her roaming around trying to find the baby. But if you ever look her straight in the eyes death will be on it's way and it is looking for you!

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