The Daisy

by Emily

Bay and Danielle were best friends. They were at the park together and they picked a daisy. The daisy was a simble of their friendship. Later that night, Danielle died in a car accident. Bay put the daisy on Danielle's grave a few days after she was barried.

Bay visited Danielle's grave one day and the daisy wasn't there. She thought that the wind might have blown it away. A few nights later, Bay woke up at 1:46 am when she heard laughing that sounded a lot like Danielle's. When she turned to the side of her bed, Danielle was sitting on the edge holding her hand out, open-palmed, holding the daisy, and quietly saying "This is our daisy, bay. It simblizes our friendship." Those were the exact words that she said when they picked the daisy.

Danielle got up and Bay followed. They walked downstairs and out the door. Danielle stood in the middle of the street and spread out her arms and legs, Bay did the same. They held hands with the Daisy in the middle, and the ghost of the car that crashed into Danielle's car came flying down the street. It crashed into the girls.

When Bay's parents came outside in the morning, she lay in the middle of the street graspin the daisy that she and Danielle held. It is said that you can see them late at night playing together at the park or picking daisies in the field.

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