The Curiousity

by Ahmad Nawaz
(Lahore, Pakistan)

Once upon a time there was a boy named Ahmad Nawaz and his nick was Mono. Ahmad was the youngest in his family. Ahmad has six brother and sisters. The family was really big but the house of Ahmad was only a single portion where he lives but he also had all the things which he want like computer, mobile, bike, and he gets what he required from his parents!

Ahmad elder brother and sister was married and his brothers and father used to go to shop for business and Ahmad uses to stay at home with his sisters and mother. Ahmad father do a business of steel and Ahmad belongs to normal family but he was not interested in the business of his father and brothers. He was extremely interested and expert in computer but one thing in his mind always discourage him that he is not good in English and he can't improve his English ever.

Ahmad loves online games, chatting and all these type activities! Once Ahmad fortunately chat with a person who was really a master in English so Ahmad ask him about his English and he courages Ahmad and give him some more information about English. The person really helps Ahmad to overcome his mistakes and Ahmad hopes once again come upon his life.

He starts reading English stories often and it helps him alot to improve his grammar spelling mistakes. Ahmad still wants to learn a lot but because the work of house and some other reasons he can 't give much on English tuitions and courses. But in his heart he really has a lot of curiousity to become a good English language professor!

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