The crying

by Aubrey
(New Mexico)

One night, there was a group of girls and their names are Shala, Kathy, Emiley, and Mary-Ann. Those girls were very bored and they did every thing they wanted to do, but Shala forgot one thing she wanted to do. Shala said hey girls I forgot one thing I wanted to do and that is I want to go to the grave yard, so who is up to that with me.

All the girls did not want to go but after Shala begged and begged they finaly said fine we will go. After a while Mary-Ann said that she hears a girl crying over there in the bushes. And all the girls did not believe her they all said whatever lier. After a while Shala, Kathy, and Emiley heard the voice crying and they said we are so sorry we did not believe you Mary-Ann.

Kathy and Emiley wanted to go home because they were to scared but Shala and Mary-Ann didn't want to go home so Emiley and Kathy went home. When the two girls got to the grave yard they got way too freaked out so they went home. On the way home they heard a voice of not crying but laughing of horror.

They got to the door and there were deep bloody scratches on the door and bloody handprint on the knob. When they got inside the went up stairs to find the girls up there the were on the floor dead with deep scratches like the door. When the girls turned around there was the girl that was laughing outside and that is when the 4 girls all died that night. One week later the parents came home and found the girls dead.

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