The Cry

by Danniellia

On one dark quiet Halloween night there was this kid named Jimmy he was a bad little boy who always loved to scare kids as they walked by his house.

Well on Jimmy's last year of Halloween his parents left to go on a date, they told Jimmy to stay inside and lock the doors and whatever he does don't answer the door tonight. Jimmy asked why but before he could get an answer they ran out the house and to their car and drove off quickly.

Jimmy just closed the door and locked it went to the kitchen and fixed himself some popcorn so he could go watch a scary movie. As Jimmy goes to fix the pop corn he hears something moving in his backyard, Jimmy gets curious and goes to check but nothing is out there, so he turns to go back to the kitchen when he hears a knock at his front door.

He went to walk to the door and answer it when he remembered his parents telling him not to answer the door, so he turned to walk back to the kitchen when the knock got louder at the door. So Jimmy goes to look out the peep hole and there standing on the other side of the street is a little kid just standing there watching his house, so Jimmy disobeys his parents and opens the door to yell at the kid but when he opens the door the kid isn't standing across the street anymore, he goes to look around leaving his door open and once he couldn't find the kid he went back inside and re-locked the doors... Jimmy goes to walk back to the kitchen when his power goes out and then he starts to feel really cold in the midst of the dark house Jimmy hears a Eery cry coming from the living room. Jimmy feeling around for a flash light finally finding one goes to turn it on and there standing just inches from his face was a little girl missing her eyes and her mouth was sewn shut holding a little doll that smiled...

Hours pass and Jimmy's parents return home as they take off their coats and go check on Jimmy they reach his room which was pitch black they turn on the lights and Jimmy was hanging from his cieling his guts hanging out eyes ripped out and his mouth sewn shut...

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