The Cry

by Collin Burke and Mason Berkshire
(Boise, Idaho, United States)

Dianna was home alone watching the news while her parents were gone. She saw there was a murderer that sounded like a crying baby in order to get its victoms. When all of a sudden the power went out.

She went to the basment to check the circuit box. Nothing was out of the ordinary. When out of the bloom she heard her front door open. Then slowly heard foot steps coming down the creaky stairs. Dianna was fritend so desided to hide in the small closet.

Then the next day here parents came home. They search for Dianna and found nothing. Finally they looked in the closet, only to find her head hanging from a hanger. While the tears rolled down, the power went out once again. The last thing they heard was a cry of a baby from behind them.

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