The Cruel Clown

by Matthew Hember

The Cruel Clown

The Cruel Clown

As Sarah waved off the parents of the children she was baby sitting she heard the baby crying from the bedroom in which it shared with a little boy of 6. As the baby sitter entered the room she asked the child "what's the matter?", the little boy replied "I'm scared of the clown in the corner of the room". The baby sitter assured the child that there was no clown there and the child fell back asleep.

As the baby sitter sat down in the front room the baby began crying again and the child woke up. Sarah rushed up stairs and asked the child "what's up?", the child answered "the clown is scaring me!" as Sarah turned around there was a clown in the corner of the room Sarah ask the child "why have you put it there" the chlid replied "I haven't".

Sarah phoned the mother of the children and asked if she could move the clown in the room but the mother said "there is no clown in the baby's room", once they finished talking Sarah rushed upstairs to find out that the children had been murdered and the clown had disappeared!

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