The Cornfield

by Daniel Carter and Muneerah Mohammed

One day there were these two boys named Mark and Andy. They were the best of friends. They live in Kansas where the cornfields grow. They would tell each other stories on the porch, after school. Once a week they would sleep over at each other's house.

One night Mark went over to Andy's house. They stood outside till night telling each other stories on the front porch. A few minutes passed and they heard moaning, but didn't pay much attention to it. Five minutes passed and they heard the same moaning and saw a dark figure coming out of the cornfield across from Andy's house. They saw it walk almost half way across the road. They were freaked out. Mark said, "What the heck was that?" Andy said, "I have no idea." Then the figure walked back to the cornfield.

Every time it came out it got closer and closer to Andy's house. So they ran inside looking out the screen door. Mark dared Andy to touch it, but Andy said, "No way you go touch it." Mark said, "fine I'm not a scardy cat." So the figure came back out and it was five feet from the porch. Mark went out to touch it, and he looked at it straight in the eyes. He saw the dark figure wearing bark blue overalls, had brittle hair, had dry skin, dark hollow eye sockets, a straw hat, it was 6 feet tall, very skiny, and a smell like a dead body rotting in the sun.

Mark and Andy said, "Ahhhhh" Andy and Mark ran inside and locked every door. They never saw it again.

A year later Mark died. Andy said, "When the day he died he looked just like the man they saw walking out of the... cornfield".

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