The coffin in the garden

by Rebecka
(Toledo Ohio, United States)

What did this shovel dig up?

What did this shovel dig up?

Yvonne is a 40 year old mother who lives in a big dark house. She and her children began to dig up the garden to bury more flowers, when all of a sudden their shovel hit something hard. They dug further only to reveal what it was.

Under the dirt in their garden were 5 coffins. Scared, Yvonne screams so loud that the neighbor calls the police! When the police arrive, Yvonne tells the officer what happened. The officer walks over to the garden to see that the coffins were there. Yet the coffins were smashed open and no bodies were inside.

The police officer asks Yvonne if she were playing a joke. Yet Yvonne solemnly swares that there were bodies in the coffins! She walks over to see if what the police officer said was true. And it was. Yvonne gasped for air hardly being able to breath. Then where did they go?

A day later, Yvonne and her children were cleaning out the attic, when they heard a moan. It stopped then came back on. Yvonne tells her children to go into one room and don't come out. So the children did what they were told. Yvonne walks around the attic suspiciously when once again she heard a moan. It had been coming from the air vent. Yvonne walks over to the air vent and looks in it only to be blinded by ash and stuff flowing in her eyes. She heard the moan once more but it was as if it were saying something.

Soon Yvonne put clues together and figured out what it was saying. The moan had been saying "leave at once or the coffin in the garden will get you. Yvonne was so scared by the message that she told her kids to pack. Yvonne and her children left that night and never came back again. Yet even though they left the house Yvonne still heard the moan as if it were following her.

Just remember, things never turn out to be what they seem. And when you least expect something bad to happen it turns around and happens!

Remember, don't enter a garden with a shovel expecting to find gold. Sometimes it turns out to be only a moan and a secret that haunts you for the rest of your life!

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