The Clown

by Walker
(Wassenaar, The Netherlands)

A mother and her child went to a supermarket one day. The mother had never had any intentions of having a kid, let alone a little girl that she would have to take care of. But it was the girl's birthday and she would have to get her something.

"Ooohh, mommy I absolutely LOVE that clown over there!" The little girl exclaimed. She quickly looked over and saw a five foot clown standing there, plastic. Its arms were waving back and forth, and its fingers signified the number eight. The mother asked the cashier how much the clown was.

"Six dollars." The cashier replied. She bought the clown and took it home with her and the child. But before they left, the cashier said "Never, ever leave the kid alone with the clown. Ever." The mother forgot about it almost instantly.

Over the next few weeks, the clown acted very strange. The color of its suit would change from red to, say purple, or grey. Its eyes would change positions, small things like that. Then one day, the woman was very fortunate. She won a small prize from gambling. She had a vacation for 2 people. She took the kid with her, of course. Right as they were about to leave, the kid said
"oh I forgot my favorite stuffed animal in my room! I'll have to go get it."

"OK." said the mother. She waited 10, 15, 30 minutes. Finally she walked into the house to her daughters poor excuse for a room. And sitting at the door was the clown, his fingers signifing the number 9.

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