The Clock Tower

by Erca P.

I was running as fast as i could to get inside the nearest building. I couldnt tell who was chasing me but right now it didnt matter. To me all that mattered was to find a safe place and live. I had most likely already ran a mile away from home trying to get a way from this creep, and hopely my mom wouldnt come looking for me because if she did she would die.

Finaly i saw a huge clock tower about 10 stories or more tall. I discided this would be a good place to hide....... for now. When I walked up to the door there was a sign that said " Danger - Do not enter " I ignored the sign and opened the dusty door knob. "CRRREEEEEEKKKKK" that had made me jump.

I slowly examened the inside before taking my first step. The inside was covered in spiderwebs and dust, i think i even saw a couple rats cross the floor. the floor had a beautiful mozaic tile covered with a giant rug that said " HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS" then it had a giant heart with a little cottage sized home in the middle. "

Not so scary" i tried to think to myself. I slowly took small steps into the building wathing my every move. "CLLLLAAANNNKKKK" I heard the door slam its self behind me. " Dont worry doorsclose by them selves all the time." i lied to myself hping it would calm me down - it didnt. I took a deep breath then began my journey to find the top of the clock tower. "clank clank clank clank" my feet sounded on the tile.

About 20 minutes later i found my self at the same front door i had started at, but this time i foun a new object. It was an elevator. Why hadnt i seen it befor? I slowly walked up to the elevator and gently placed my had on the cold and dusty button. "cling" i hared as the misterious elevator opened its wide doors. I calmly walked in. To my suprise it was lit up, and elevator music was playing. " yeah nothing wierd about that.." i thought to myself. I looked at the buttons ,there were 18 and 1/2. There cant be a half? Can there? I amed my pointer torward the 18 and 1/2 and did a quick jab at it. then the doors clamped together and made a "bing" sound.

In about 30 secounds i was to the floor.his one was different from the first floor. It wasnt dusty at all! IT was actually very clean. It had nice furniture and balcony. The only thing i hated was having to here the "tic-toc-tic-toc" from the giant clock about 20 footsteps away from me. My forehead was drowning with sweat. so i slowly walked to the balcony examining everything around me. Then with a quick pull of my hand i opened the door and ran to the edge.

The wind felt good on my hot sweaty skin. I knew this moment wouldnt last forever though, so i tried to make the best of it. The next two minutes i closed my eyes and just breathed. then i felt a hot wind at my left ear. That was strange because the wind was nice and cold at first and it was blowing south? This wnd was hot and blowing north and only on one part of my body. I gulped. "Hello." the low manly voise said in a soft wisper. I was wordless. Was it because i expected it to end like this or was i just in shock? Just in shock. I slowly turned my head to face the stranger. " What? No hello?" He questioned me. I opened my mouth but again i failed to speak. "well then we'll just have to fix that now wont we?" Now i could feel something cold trickling down my cheeck as i watched the man raise the knife in his left and to my neck. "Speak!" he demanded me. " He...llo," i cleared my throat to repeat it, " hello." "Now thats much better." he said looking at the tears falling off of my face. "What do you want ...... with me. " I managed to choke out.the knife on my neck lowered to his side. " is it always the same questions! Why dont you just ask me how my day was, HUH!" He was screaming at me now. " Fine you want ton know what i want with you!" I nodded. " i'll show you then." his eyes stared at mine as they grew bigger at every word that came out of his mouth.He grinned at my expression.

Then he took my arm and yanked it inside torward the giant clock.His grip was big and firm sqeezing the heck out of my arm. then he placed me on the opposite side of the clock out on the other balcony. " 12 o'clock will be awaiting your death." he chuckled to himself. " Tic-toc-tic-toc" It was only secounds to my death. To be exact i had about 33 secounds left. Now 32, 31, 30, 29." i was still counting in my head. Finaly ait came down to the last 10 secounds. " tic-toc-tic-toc" The clock banged lowdly in my ear. " 5,4,3,2,1" then the clock stroke 12, and the stranger smiled and raised his hand with the knife and bolted torward me with it. my mouth opened and my eyes closed as my heart was was being pelted with a force of 70 pounds.

"SWEETY.....SWEETY WAKE UP!!!!"It was my moms voise. " come on breakfast is on the table." " Thanks mom i'll be there in a minute." i smiled as she left the room.

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