The Clip Clip Slide

by Shannon

Any camping in a tent for you?

Any camping in a tent for you?

One evening in a small town a young girl, about 12, was spotted running home suspiciously. A policeman saw her, stopped the car and rolled down his window. "Hello Sarah." He said. It was a small town so everybody was very friendly and everyone knew each other.

"Now what is a little girl like you doing out alone so late, its almost dark." Sarah replied "The CLIP CLIP SLIDE. It's coming, it's coming."
Tears streamed down her face. Bob, the policeman gave her a weak smile. "Hop in sweetie" he said. "I'll drive you home and you can explain what exactly you are running from."

Sarah shivered and began... "Well, Mrs.Purchable, remember her? Well when she got into her car accident and had that problem with her legs, remember how she had to go to the hospital?"
"Yes," Bob said, he remembered the accident a few months before. "Well I heard that they had to cut off Mrs.Purchable’s legs from the knee down. And they didn’t replace them with mechanical ones, and soon after she died, but just before she slipped away she started screaming.

She said she was going to get us. And by 'us' she meant anyone in the town because she is mad at everyone since the ambulances didn’t get there soon enough, and no one visited her because she is mean. And to get around she clips her nails into the ground. Left hand. CLIP. Right hand. CLIP. And the she drags her body on the ground. SLIDE! So she goes CLIP CLIP SLIDE, and -"

Bob interrupted her. "Mrs.Purchable died peacefully. This is nonsense."

Soon they pulled into Sarah's driveway. Her mother ran out of the house wondering why her daughter had come home in a police car.

Bob explained and Sarah’s mother got angry. "SARAH! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THE CLIP CLIP SLIDE. TO PROVE IT TO YOU YOU'RE SLEEPING OUTSIDE TONIGHT!" Sobbing Sarah pitched a tent and tried to fall asleep, hoping the CLIP CLIP SLIDE wouldn’t come for her.

The next morning Sarah's mother opened the door and walked out into the yard. "See Sarah. Your fine there is no CLIP CLIP SLI-" She stopped.
The tent was in shreds. And Sarah had two claw marks in an X across her chest.

It was the work of the CLIP CLIP SLIDE.

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