The Circuit County Clerk

by Andrew Connelley
(Decatur, IL USA)

“Jury, any question?”

“No, your honor.”

“Defendant of the two counts of murder and hit and run?”

Defendant: “yes, your honor.”

“Do you plead guilty?”

“Yes your honor, I plead guilty.”

“Ok, the defendant will be sentence to jail for 23 years and 2 years of probation to clerk’s county prison. The defendant will have 24 hours to speak with his family with a police guard present and a maximum of 23 hours to pay the fine for damage to the Kayla bank building. The fine is $240,000 dollars, $300 for speeding and $400 for damaging six police sports utility vehicle and one police car. He will be notified with judgment papers. He will need to write a 3 essay paper about why he did the wrong things he did. Please by truthful and respectful. The court is now closed for this case.

Defendant, please follow the police officer. That will be all. Thank you.

“Next will be the defendant. KJ, and the police officer, JC. Chang, will you pass me the file for this case?”

“Yes, your honor.”

“Thank you, Chang. All right, will the jury and the opponents please stand? All right, please sit down. Opponents, please tell the truth and don’t swear at all. If you do, I will add swearing to the judge of Judge Connelley. Ok the cases of kj did a hit and run, 2 counts of scam of selling fake play station 3, 2 counts of holding hostage and deceased them, and 3 outstanding warrants. Kj please would you please sit down if you talk while I’m talking to someone else you will have to leave this court and be sentence to jail for life. Jc would you please tell me what you need to say don’t swear or interrupt or you will be suspended from your job of a maximum 2 through 3 weeks of your job.

All right here’s what happened I had a dispatch call of 24/37 call that means that we need back up immediately I responded to the dispatch call. Then the police station told all of the police officers and the swat that they lost the suspect. Then they told all the police officers the car looks like a black ford focus license plate Florida 19945g his chrome rimes, has a wide body kite hood scope and has a chrome tail pipe. So I got all the information down on my note book. I went down 22 Jasper Street I turn around this dead end and I caught this shining flash in my eye. So I turned my side light on and i found the car the police station was telling all the police officers. So I called the police station on my cb radio and told them that I found the black ford focus, and I told them where I was, and the police station told me on my cb radio to just hold tight there and try to get more information and I told them there is a 3 story house there and had people there that look likes are suspect. And they responded on my cb radio that were going to send the swat there just hold tight if they fire at you fire back right away ok jc.

Alright I said. So I told them on my cb radio that I’m going to check this place out I said. Then they responded on the cb. That they are holding 3 hostage and they are heavy armed. Ok I said. They responded back that they have a large building that make fake play station 3. They told me to be heavy armed so I can live. I told them ok. So I went back to the trunk of the car to grab a bullet proof vest and some hand cuffs. Then the swat got here. Then they told me then I need to go to the building that makes the play station three. And the six other swat men followed me there so we got everybody in hand cuffs.

Then we found the three hostages they were deceased. Ten minutes later we kj the suspected in the back of the police car. Then we took him to the station and we booked him and finger printed him then he wanted to sue us for hurting him that what he said. And then we ended here in your clerk’s county court. Alright your saying that he wants to sue you police officers that you hurting him.

Alright kj were did he hurt you? He hurt me on my neck ok? Alright would kj lawyer show me the pictures of his neck injury? Yes your honor thank you kj lawyer. Hmm this looks interesting, alright would jc show me on a dummy how you got him to the ground by the neck? Yes your honor ok very interesting. Kj how did you get the cut on your neck? Well um um I don’t know. Ok would the forensics investigators please come in. Please come by my desk yes your honor alright would guys see how he had a cut on his neck. Yes your honor.

Alright your honor a cat cut his neck and that how he got the cut. Ok that will be all. Yes your honor. Alright jc you will not be suspended but you will have partner on your side everywhere you go. Do you have anything to say and is that alright that you have a partner on your side? That will be fine your honor and I have nothing to say. Alright kj will have a one day to spend with his family a police guard will follow you if you attack the police officer you will be sentence to life to clerk’s county prison and your will have a one million dollar bond.

You will have a ankle bracelet that tracks were your at. You will be sentence to jail for 17 years to jail. That will be all now get out. The next day at the main office at the police station. My boss ask me to his office. I went there to his office. He told me that a case wasn’t solve. So I told him what is this case about. He told a girl got raped. So I asked him what the girl’s name. He told me Andrea crawlford. What I said. She my next door neighbor. So I went to there address. I knocked there door. A parents answer the door. I asked the parent is Andrea crawlford there. They said yes. And who are you. I’m detective Andrew. I have a case where your daughter has got’en raped. My I came in I asked. Yes he said. So I went inside and saw there daughter on the loveseat. I asked there parent if I can have a word with her. They said yes. So I went to her to ask her some question. I ask her where it happen, when, and who did it. She told me it happen on south 16 more street. At 2:30 in the morning. I asked who did this to her I said. She told me it was jc. I told her he was in jail. But some how he escape from jail.

So the u.s. marshell and the fbi and I went out to look for him we finally got him. That the end of the story

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