The Church

by Anna McA.
(Ancohage AK)

A church in the mist

A church in the mist

A church in the mist
Is it a hand?

Once upon a time there was a man who didn't believe in ghosts. He once heard people talking about a haunted church so he went to the house at night and went in and then BAM!

A bat flew past him, he went on walking and he found a place where they had food. He saw something out the corner of his eye and it was just a funny mask up on the fridge. He looked more and he saw something again, and BOO!

He never came out of the church again and nobody went in the church ever again.

Phil G: The story certainly isn't as long as we'd like to have, but the pictures are great. We need three to five times this length, at least, to be considered a short story. Always happy to have original and public domain pictures, never copyright protected images.

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