The china doll

by Kate
(Birmingham, England)



A young girl had three china dolls they were named Charlotte, Daisy and Sarah. Her least favorite one was Charlotte. She was the largest one of all and had loverly brown locks and was wearing a pure white dress.

Daisy was a medium sized doll, she was her favorite and has long straight blond hair and bright round blue eyes and a pearly white smiling mouth.

Sarah was a very small doll and wasn't played with much.

One night, the girl was left at home because her parents were out for a few hours. The young girl was playing with her three china dolls but after a while or so she got tired and went to sleep. That night she heard a noise and so she sat up and turned on the light. She saw that Daisy's eyes had moved the slightest bit, but she just thought that she was seeing things.

She woke up many more times that night and noticed strange things about Daisy but she was sure she was seeing things. When the clock struck midnight she woke up and saw big bright blue eyes by her face.

The next morning when her parents came in to see how she was doing, all they saw was blood and bits of flesh all over the bed with a medium sized china doll sitting and smiling with her pearly white teeth.

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