The Childrens Campfire

by Bethany G.

If you were to go down into the dark and damp woods on the night of Halloween, you would be able to hear the wind whistling through the trees, almost like someone was shaking the whole world into pieces, but if you had good hearing and a good vision you would be able to hear a faint muttering and if you were to squint your eyes to the edge of the wood you would see several children sitting around a warm and toasty campfire.

The children were sharing ghost stories. "The boy was mauled to death many years ago, no one knew what the creature was that tragically killed the boy or what the boy was even doing wandering around a misty and dark wood on the night of Halloween all alone" one girl whispered. Every single child was shivering in their boots at the thought of a boy being killed on the same date as they were sharing the very story.

After that though, the gale would be blowing so hard that you would not be able to make out the rest of what the children were talking about, but if you went to the woods the very next day when there was no wind in the air, a strange smell would be lurking, then near the burnt out campfire, there would have been a few old bones lying around (nothing else though), but if you were to look a tiny bit closer there would be a siloute of a small boy, the boy who was mauled to death in fact and with good ears you would be able to just make out the boy laughing and saying "they deserved what they got, they shouldn't have been talking about me", " now do you think I'll be able to get the last bits of marrow from their bones?"

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