The Children

by Jordan

There is a creepy old railroad track up in North Carolina. Many stories have been said about the track being haunted. Like suppose you were to drive across it your car would sudenly die on you right on top of the tracks.

Then off in the distance you would see a dim light getting brighter and a horn sounding like a trains whistle. Thats because it is. Your car doors lock as you try to escape but nothing will budge. As your trying to escape your hear a small laughter in the back of your car. Like the laughter of children.

As theyre gigling your starting to move off of the tracks.Just as the train passes inches away from your back bumper you realize your safe. you get out of your car and see theres no train in the distance or any noise.

When you check your bumper you see little hand prints. Like those of the children who tried to save you.

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