The Cemetery

by Alison
(New York)

Cemetery at night

Cemetery at night

The girls stood there in front of the gate to the cemetery. Not knowing what to do next. They stood still then finally thinking that they didn’t come this way for nothing. They opened the gate as it creaked, almost as if moaning of the horrors they were about to enter inside the cemetery. As they walked in they felt an eerie chill trickling down their back like a spider.

“hey Anna, I don’t think we should be in here” said Maria who was trembling with fear.

“Maria, don’t be such a baby just hold my hand and go” said Anna. Anna felt the adrenaline pumping hoping to see some form of a ghost.

They walked past one grave that read “Susan Candrella 1935-1952 beloved sister and soon to be mother”

“oh my gosh! She died while pregnant. Anna isn‘t that sad?. I feel bad for Susan Candrella” said Maria. “I don‘t feel bad. I’ve heard that she was a normal person until one day she became insane. I’ve heard that she would murder people and say that Tina Candrella killed the person not her. She would also say that Tina was really annoying and followed her around a lot. But the scary thing is that Tina Candrella died while being born 2 years before Susan became insane. And the reason that Susan was pregnant was cause one day she got hold of a knife and tortured her male nurse to make her pregnant. One day she totally lost it….and died.”

“woah… that’s really gruesome if you ask me.” said Maria.

Suddenly an evil and spooky feeling emerged into the air. A foggy, blurry image had finally come into view.

“how DARE anyone talk about me like that!” Susan yelled. She let out a blood curdling scream. Then the raging ghost lunged toward the girls but they luckily dodged.

“who are you and what do you want?!?!” Anna said
“that insane girl you were just talking about!” and again she thrust herself toward the girls. She took out a knife and lurched toward Liz.

Susan plunged the knife through Anna’s leg and watched the girl stumble towards the floor. Susan dropped the knife and started mumbling.

“Tina, stop killing people you know its not nice…” said Susan then started stroking her own hair.
Nikki was so terrified after what she just saw and grabbed Liz and dashed toward the gate. She got out and ran toward the nearest hospital and waited for the results about Liz.

Liz lived…but she wouldn’t talk…not to anyone. She would just ramble on about a Tina and Susan. Nikki and Liz would be in the asylum that they were put in. Maria was traumatized and the only thing she would say is “Anna…Anna….come back Anna… Anna? Where did you go?” from that day forth, everyone would not dare to go into the cemetery. People wouldn’t even talk about it because they thought it was cursed. Liz and Nikki eventually committed suicide. And when people would go to this forsaken place, they would hear the screams of two young girls and hear footsteps crunching…running toward the gate…their souls replaying the deadly scene that changed their life…forever.

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