The Cave

by Nicola

Once there lived a little boy named James. He was ten years old. His house had been built above a cave and every night while he was in his room he would here faint screams coming from below his house. From the cave.

Almost every day James’ parents would tell him not to go into the cave no matter what, but of course one day he became just too curious so he told his mum that he was going exploring and made his way towards the cave. When he got to the cave he drew in a deep breath and walked cautiously into the darkness.

The further he walked into the cave the different it looked. Soon enough it had transformed into a hallway. And on each side of the hallway is one door. He opened the left door and saw kids older and younger than him with the top of their wrists cut so their hands are hanging and they had been badly tortured. They had just enough energy to scream out “Get out of here” or “You're gonna die” or “Turn back” but he was just too curious. Scared. But curious. So He turned the knob of the next door. CRREEEAAAAK! In side the room the walls were painted in blood.

At the other side of the room there was an African-American man sitting stroking a gun with a silk cloth. “I dare you to go on,” the man said without turning around. Knowing that if he didn’t go on he would be shot so he went further along the corridor. Close to the end was a smaller space. A space that you had to crawl to get into. So he got into the crawling motion and continued.

Ten minutes later he reached the end of the tunnel and stood up and brushed himself off. When he finished he concentrated at the end of the hall and noticed something small, grey and round. It was like the kind of ball he used to play with when he was younger. Slowly the ball started to roll toward him. At the time he didn’t know that it was a human. A psycho rolled up in a ball. He realized that in about ten seconds when the ball started to crawl and that’s when he realized what was happening.

He turned around trying to get back though the tunnel but someone had blocked it off. He turned around and the man was standing right in front of him. He pulled out a knife and cut of his wrists so they were hanging from a piece of skin. “I’m going to give you the worst torture of them all” he whispered. He took him into a room filled with kids. Then he took him into a glass room with a chair nailed to the floor. The man left him in the room and started torturing the children. One by one and everyday for the rest of his life the man would feed him and help him. And everyday the man would bring new children into the room and torture them. Again and again and again.

So next time your parents tell you not to go in a cave listen to them if not I dare you too………………

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