The Cat Hairdresser

by Sophia G
(Fredericton, NB)

Once upon a time, there was a princess who had good hair. Her evil brothers messed up her hair. They messed it up so bad that no one could undo the mess.

It was so messy that it was like a blender mixing her hair.

Then, the doorbell rang. It was the professional hair undoers. They had a call and the people who adore her answered the door bell. They went into the huge living room. It was so big that it would take over about 99 houses. There were lots of chairs. Princess Sophia was sitting in the big chair.

The professional hair undoers had all their stuff, and they bowed down to Princess Sophia. Princess Sophia did not notice them all, because she was looking at the golden chair. The professional hair undoers tried to undo her hair but they could not do it because it was way too messy.

The famous cat, Mr Rocco, showed up. He said "I can do this because I have sharp claws, and I can fix up this mess". Princess Sophia said "I would love for you to fix up my hair".

Mr Rocco did it in one minute. Her hair was as straight as water falling from a water fountain. Sophia said "Oh my! It is wonderful". She fed three treats to Rocco: the mushy ones, salmon, and the crunchy fishy ones. Mr. Rocco said "Oh gosh! I don't need all that, but if you really want me to have it, I will accept it". Mr. Rocco chewed and chewed. Soon he only had one treat left. It was the mushy ones. He said "I don't have anymore treats!" Princess Sophia pointed out the mushy ones. Mr. Rocco said "Oh, those are my favorite ones!

Princess Sophia went to her room, and the evil brothers messed her hair up again.

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