The Cat Eyes

by seasea

Billy's Parents were going on a vacation without him. They told him he had to stay with Mrs. Guttierez down the street. "No please! I wont get in your way i promise just let me go with you!" he cried when his parents told him. "No sweetie. Me and your father need time to ourselves. We love you very much!!" his mother told him as they dropped him off at Mrs.Guttierez's house.

Billy Walked slowly as he approched the house. He opened the gate, CCCRRREEEAAAAKKK. He walked up to the porch steps. his feet thumped heavily on the porch. He knocked on the door full of dread. The door slowly opened. "Ah Billy! I Wasn't expecting you until later on." Mrs.Guttierez said shocked. "My parents wanted to leave alittle early to beat traffic." Billy stated plainly. "well come in dear come in! take your things into the bedroom down the hall. Thats where you'll be staying.

Billy took his things into his room and laid on the bed for a moment. It was a small room and the bed was comfortable. He sat up and smelled the air. "Mmmmmm!! Enchiladas!!!" Billy said as he jumped out of bed. He ran to the kitchen and startled Mrs. Guttierez. " OH dear! Billy you startled me!! Sit down. Dinner is ready." She said as she pulled the enchiladas out of the oven.

When Billy was done eating, they both went to bed. While he was laying there, the cat came into is room. The collar read Zuma. He pet the cat and heard strange noises. RUSTLE, POP, POP,CLANK, THUMP , BANG. Billy was scared by the noises but soon fell asleep.

The next afternoon, when Billy came home he opened the gate CCCRRREEEAAAKKK and walked up the steps. He smelled the air." MMmmmmmmm Tacos!" he said as he opened the door. He ran to the kitchen just as Mrs. Guttierez put the tacos on the table. "oh Billy! your home! dinner is ready!" she said smiling. they ate and wet to bed just like the niht before. At the same time, Zuma came into Billy's room. This time before the noises started, Billy ad Zuma snuck up the stairs to spy on Mrs. Guttierez.

He peeked through the slightly opended door. this is what he saw: RUSTLE she took off her wig,POP POP she took out her eyes, CLANK she put them in a jar, THUMP she sat the jar on the floor, BANG she put the lid on the night stand. Zuma slipped through the door. Billy stared in horror but he couldnt call the cat back, in fear that she would her him.

Zuma went right to the jar and ATE HER EYES!!!!! Billy ran back to his room. He didn't fall asleep that night. The next morning at breakfast, he saw Mrs. Guttieres getting the plates cleaned. "Oh Billy! Good Morning!" she said as she slowly turned around and instead of her normal eyes she had a YELLOW PAIR OF CAT EYES.

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