The Cannibal

by Matthew

Once there were two friends named Matthew and Nick. They were walking back in the woods one afternoon. They heard a twig snap and turned around frightened. "It's probably a bird" said Matthew. "Yeah" said Nick looking worried. They kept walking.

All they could think about was the twig. Soon after they heard what sounded like a chewing noise. They turned around and saw what looked like a man.

He was very skinny and almost hairless.
He was chewing on what looked like a human arm.
He laughed at them, a evil laugh.
He rose from where he was sitting.
He ran after them and they ran away.

"Still think it was a bird" asked Nick. "Not-the-time-for-sarcasm" said Matthew gasping for air
Nick fell, but Matthew didn't notice.

"Matthew" exclaimed Nick.
"Nick" said Matthew breathing harder than before
Matthew caught one last glimpse of Nick before he was dragged away and probably eaten alive by the cannibal.

Matthew ran all the way out of the woods barely breathing. By the time Matthew made it out it was dark. "Mom-Dad" screamed Matthew at the top of his lungs "Whats the matter" asked his mom.

"Nick-cannibal-eat-blood-gore" said Matthew.
They found Nick half alive that night.

He died on the way to the hospital
No one ever found the cannibal.
How do I know: I'm Matthew I wish I still had Nick. I should have died back there to!

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