The Burning of Mary Steller

by Rae

Mary Steller lived in a house that apparently had been, "An old witch's property," who had been, "Burned at the stake." Mary believed no such stories. She doubted there were real witches.

Somebody at school, like a boy who was sweet for her, probably made this up, since she was a beautiful young girl, with soft blonde hair that cascaded down her back like a waterfall, and bright blue eyes with lush eyelashes.

Although that didn't explain the strange gashes on the ceiling, that seemed to come from the attic, she was positive there wasn't anything witchy about her house. But as she stared up at the ceiling every night before she blew out her candle, she couldn't help but think of witches, and evil things that did their biddings (and things that gashed at ceilings) and she couldn't help but believe the rumors a teensy bit. So one bright sunny day, Mary (A brave 6 year old at that) climbed into the attic.

She saw nothing up there, and by a swift look, she hustled back to the stairs. She reached for the first step, and felt icy cold fingers trace her spine... She yelped as they slid all the way down and back up, then shoved her forward, tumbling down the steps.

She fainted as she hit the floor, hearing a voice whisper something inaudible...

The next morning, she awoke to see her blue eyes ice, her blonde locks ashen, her blushed cheeks pale. She walked downstairs, to see her mother's shocked expression. The neighbors were over, and the woman fainted. The man howled, "A witch! Your daughter's a witch! She must be killed!" He stormed over, and picked her up. Her mother fainted too.

The next afternoon, she was bound to a pole, a pile of wood and leaves at the bottom. The man who picked her up lit the branches. She saw everyone from the town watching her, cheering for her to "Burn, witch!" and suddenly, faced with the fire, she could hear what the voice had said. The man turned away, and before he could leave, she traced her freezing fingers down and up his back. He yelped, and she whispered, just like the voice, "Burn, witch..."

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