The Brick house on South 8th Street

by Kristina

At the time I was 10 and I moved into new house which was built on an Indian burial ground, it was a brick house that was 101 years old. The house was a two story with a basement and an attic. The basement was the creepiest of it all, but nothing scary happened down there. It was the attic I was so fascinated with.

My bedroom was on the second story with my older sister Lindsay whose bedroom was across the hall from mine. In between our rooms were a bathroom and an attic. My younger sister shared a room with me. We both slept in the same bed. My older sister moved out and my brother moved into her room which then I moved into my Brother Steven’s room. His room was on the other side of the house but still on the second floor.

This is when all the scary junk started happening. Every night I would here this thumping like someone was banging on the side of the wall. I was up in my room and it started, I banged on the wall to tell them to stop making loud noise. They told me they thought it was me. I went upstairs to their room. I sat there and listen, I heard the noise. Steven ran down stairs to wake up my dad and have him come find what was making the noise. My dad wobbled his way up the stairs.

He listened but the noise had stopped all of a sudden, he sat there for about 10 minutes. He thought we were lying and went back to his bedroom. Again the thumping started again. This time I went and got my dad, a second time he listened and there was no sound to be heard.

The most terrifying thing happen was before my sister Lindsay moved out of the house. I was sleeping with my younger sister’s room. I woke up and I could see the attic door, I looked down and I was hovering above the floor. It felt as if someone was carrying me yet my blanket and pillow were still on me. So I kind of acted like I was sleeping and I looked up, there was this ghost holding me. I was so scared but all I saw was its wild purple hair flying around like on windy day.

I don’t know what happened after that because I immediately fell asleep when I woke up I was in my other sisters room. That morning there had been someone in our backyard trying to break into the house. Maybe the ghost was trying to save me from something…

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