The boy with one eye

by Johan
(United Kingdom)

Jamie was a nice young boy who lived in a mansion with his parents in the south of England. Jamie had long, dark brown hair, eyes as blue as the sea and was very short for his age.

His parents were often out working so he spent a lot of his childhood alone and because of this he used to enjoy to have a "fake" friend to play with. His Favourite fake friend was Jake. Jake, just like Jamie, was imagined to have long dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes, but unfortunatly one of his eyes was blind. He was also a little bit shorter than Jamie because Jamie enjoyed to be the bigger and stronger one.

One night, when Jamie's parents were out working there was a massive storm full of thunder and lightning. Jamie was laying in his bed finding it hard to sleep when suddenly he heard footsteps coming up the stairs. It was 12:30 and his parents weren't meant to be home by 2 so he sat up in his bed and forced out a sentence saying "Mum is that you?".

Jamie was so terrified that he was nearly speechless. The footsteps stopped and he heard the screeching of his door opening. Slowly Jamie opened his eyes as the door was opening and he saw Jake, standing by the door with blood gushing through his chest. Jamie thought to himself how is this happening when he wasn't even trying to imagine anything? Jamie was trying to tell himself that this isn't real so hard that he couldn't think of anything else.

Jake then opened his eyes and with his voice shivering he quited "Help, me. Please help me." With this said, Jamie was sure that this was real and he tried to coward away under his douvet.

Jamie whispered "Please leave me alone, what have I done to deserve this?" Jamie still hiding under his douvet heard Jake's footsteps getting closer and closer. Crunch, crunch, crunch. Jake ripped off Jamie's douvet and shouted in Jamie's face, "I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY FRIEND? WHY WONT YOU HELP ME?" Jamie dashed out off bed and ran outside into the cold and wet rain. He was never seen again.

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