The Book

by Keval
(Scarborough, Ontario, Canada)

The Book

The Book

I woke up with a jolt. Who put my alarm volume so high?. I went downstairs to have some cereal. As I poured the milk I asked myself, "do the majority of people put the cereal in first or the milk."

After I finished eating I went outside for some fresh air. I was thinking about going to the park,but it's to long a walk. I dont even have a bike anymore I broke it doing a stunt.

By the way my name is Amy. I guess you could say im athletic. I'm really bored. Theres nothing to do in this house. No mysteries to solve. I like mysteries.

I just moved here a couple weeks ago. Its tottaly boring here, but I will never forget what happend last summer.

It all started last summer in Minneapolis,US. It was just a normal night at home. I was home alone. Its a quiet neighbor hood,So I wasn't worried.

My mom has this strange drawer. She never uses it. She tells me to never go in there but im always curious. This may be my one and only chance to see what secret beholds in that drawer. My mom wont like that,but I decide to go anyways. The only thing im worried about is if its something stupid like a special teddy bear thats not worth being grounded for.

I put my hand on the handle. I try to open the drawer. It wont budge. I tried so many attemps. It won't open. I got the crowbar. It opened. It was an old and dusty book. It had no title.

Just then the wind blowed and the book turned to a certain page. All the pages were blank except this one. It had deep dark writing.

I saw my name. It said."R.I.P Amy Armstrong ,hit down by a speeding car." I was shocked. The book believed I was dead.

The next day my mom still never came home. I was scared from what I saw yesterday and scared for my mom.

I decided to go out for a walk. I was walking the sidewalk when I saw a car speeding. I couldnt believe my eyes. It just ran over a young girl about my age. She was about 12. I walked over to see if I could help then I gasped, to shocked to scream.The girl that was lying on the floor was me, blood trickling down her cheek. Now I knew what the book meant.

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