The Book

by Alefia Kothambawala
(Milpitas, California)

Amanda was walking to the library to do some summer reading. Her friend Nancy told her a great book to check out. It was a famous horror story called A Walk Through the Woods. She entered the doors of the library and walked over to the horror section.

Amanda was very excited when she got the book. She didn't even open it to read the summary. All Amanda did was check it out, run home, eat dinner, and lie down on her bed to read the story. When she opened the book, there was no writing inside except on the first page. It said, "This book is cursed and what ever you do, don't skip to the last page or bad things will come.

Amanda was frightened because of what the book said and was frustrated because she wanted to read the book very badly. She thought she should call her friend to ask if her book was like this too. When she did, her mom picked up the phone and said, "hello." Amanda said, "May I speak to Nancy." Nancy's mom replied, "Nancy has been dead for 10 years," and then she hung up. Amanda was frozen with terror.

An hour later her mom called out that it was time for bed. As she changed, brushed, and her mom tucked her in, her thoughts were on the book and Nancy. Finally, at 11pm she had the guts to flip to the last page and read it. It said, "You have made a terrible mistake. You are now cursed. You will die at midnight." It was now 11:15pm. She was so scared that she passed out and awoke at 11:30pm.

She flipped back to the first page of the book and saw the writing had changed. Now it said," HA,HA,HA!"

It was 11:45 with only 15 minutes to go. Amanda locked the book in her closet and ran to her parents' room. At midnight, she herd a loud crash from her room. Her parents door broke down and the book was floating in midair. Its pages had turned into blades as sharp as knives. In one swift motion the book sliced off the girl's head and did the same to her parents.

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