The Book of Poison

by Morgan O.

TTTHHHRRRIIINNNGGG!!! Finally the last bell rang and everyone rushed out of their final classes, relieved from the bell. Sammy, a smart, beautiful, small town girl, and Katrina (aka Kat), a brilliant, pretty, kind, city girl, have been the best of friends since kindergarten.

They had another best friend, Morgan, but in the beginning of 4th grade she moved away (they don’t like to talk about it though.) “So Sammy, have you found a book on plants for Science class?” asked Kat. “No not yet but I’m going to the library right now to find one.” replied Sammy. Sammy and Kats science teacher, Mr. Cox, assigned everyone a book report about poisonous plants, so they had to go to the library to find a couple books. “Do you want to come with me?” asked Sammy. “I’m sorry, but I already got one and I didn’t know of you had one or not or else I would’ve gotten you one.” said Kat.

When Sammy arrived at the library, she greeted the librarian and went to the plant section. When she came across the plant section, she found two books on poisonous plants. When she was about to walk away, she saw a dusty old book in the back of the rest called The Book of Poison. Sammy thought to herself, hmm… what a peculiar looking book. She grabbed it and went to check them out. After the librarian, Mr. Bob,
checked the books out to her, she flipped them over and he saw The Book of Poison.

“I’m sorry Sammy, but you CANNOT take this book. I’m afraid I’m going to have to take it back.” said Mr. Bob. “But why?” asked Sammy. As soon as he said that, she scooped up the books and held them tightly in her arms. “Because it is dangerous so give it here.” He said as he reached for it. Sammy dodged him and then said, “Halloween is over so you can stop trying to scare me now. I’m not laughing.”

After that she started to run out the door and just before she left, Sammy heard Mr. Bob shout, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you though!”

It was later that night and Sammy had been reading The Book of Poison uninterrupted until her mother shouted up the stairs at her, “SAMMY! LIGHTS OUT!” Sammy replied by yelling back with, “OK MOM!” When the rest of the family goes to bed that means Sammy has to. Sammy waited about a half an hour before she turned her lamp on and started reading again. Sammy had only been reading for 45 minutes when she started to drift off. That’s when she decided to leave the book open, put it on her nightstand and go to sleep.

By this time, it was 11:30 at night. Sammy slept on and on and while she slept, a mysterious plant started to grow out of the book on her night stand. It kept growing towards her head and when it got there, it went into her ear. It worked its way to her brain and at exactly 12:01 it grew into her brain and it killed her.

The next morning was Thursday and as a routine day, Sammy’s mother came in to wake her up (by this time, the plant was gone.). She began by yelling at her for reading when she was supposed to be sleeping but Sammy didn’t wake up. She walked over to her bedside and tried shaking her but it didn’t work. She checked for a pulse but Sammy had none. Scared and shakily, she ran downstairs to call 911 (there was nobody else in the house but Sammy and her mother).

When the cops arrived at their house, Sammy's mother showed them to Sammys room. When they got up to her room, the book was gone, and so was Sammys body.

Now Sammy’s house is a historical site and her family is alive and well, Kat is a Dentist, and the librarian mysteriously died soon after Sammy’s death. When you enter Sammy’s room, some people say they see The Book of Poison, others say they see Sammy herself and hear her. Me? I see Mr. Bob and hear the last words he spoke to Sammy, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

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