The bloody mouth

by Brittany R.

Pete was a fifteen year old boy, he always wanted his first kiss but no matter how well he looked or how sweet he was he never liked any one of the girls in his town.

A new house was just bought though and according to three of his friends the hottest girl ever lived there. Pete went to the door and rung the door bell. The home was black and dark with spider webs circling it. A man answered, he was scary looking and his brown eyes sent death and pain into the heart of Pete. Pete stuttered, " a...young...women there?" The man smiled, "Three" he nodded at Pete and he entered the cold home.

The fire was burning but the flame was blue, "Weird" thought Pete then another man came down and smiled at Pete, "You here for my daughters?" Pete spoke fierce but with some softness in his tone, "Only one daughter sir." The man turned, "Oh, that won't do, won't do at all... it is all my daughters or none!" Pete nodded, "how about I date each one and then pick one."

The man smiled a fierce smile, "Fine but no dates, just looks, one of my daughters has a blood mouth though," Pete didn't understand, then one girl came down, she looked twelve and had a long blond braid. She wore all black and was carrying a book, Pete shook his head, "She is too young sir." The man nodded and looked at his daugter, "Sorry Cassie." The girl with the blond braid ran up stairs and a older girl with long blond hair and baby blue eyes smiled. "Hello" Her voice was rough and made Pete's stomach turn, she looked about eighteen and way too old. Pete turned to the man, "Sorry sir, this girl is beautiful but too old." The man frowned, "Sorry Lola." Then the girl ran upstairs. Another women came down, she looked about fifteen, her hair was black and she dressed in black matching her makeup. The girl smiled an evil smile, Pete turned to the man, "Perfect." she was the most beautiful girl Pete had ever seen.

The woman faced Pete, her voice was sweet and one of a kind, "A kiss is your desire, but I do have a blood mouth young man, I do and kissing me won't be like any other kiss." Pete didn't understand, he just wanted his kiss, "I am ok with that."

The girl smiled and took Pete's hand. She led him to the back room and sat him down, she turned on the light, bones, lots of them, with blood surronding the floor Pete grew scared, "What the...?" Then the girl put her cold lips on Pete's. Blood engaged his mouth and drownd him in it.

Pete died from suffocation, then the man and two daughters entered the room, "He was a good soul but was greedy." Then they burned him in the blue flame that lit the stone cold house.

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