The Bloody Mess

One late night, I was driving in my car. My boyfriend said that he was working late at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. Once I was there he told me that he was the only one working tonight. We got back into the car and it wouldn't start.

There was a spooky house down the road and Tod said that he was going to see if we could use there phone to call my mom for a ride home. Tod suggested I stay in the car in case someone should break in. I said, "Tod It's two in the morning and I'm not going to be turned into a pig sandwich." I finally said OK and Tod left.

The sky was turning a dark shade of black. I knew it wasn't going to rain since it hasn't rained in months.

A couple of hours later, it began to hail. I was curious why Tod wasn't back yet. I feel asleep. When I woke up It was four in the morning. It stopped hailing but it was raining down hard. I heard something hit my window. Then a couple of seconds later I heard it again. Then something broke inside my car. I was knocked out. When I woke up the police was carrying me.

I looked on the top of my car. There was Tod. With a rope around his neck. Blood poured off of his head. He was rapped around a tree. The police asked me if I knew any thing about this boy. I answered with a no.

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