The bleeding house

by Keighley Sky S.

When I had come to view this house I'd been warned off by the neighbours, though the house was secluded from them all.

I hadn't believed the ghost stories, I'm twenty years old for goodness sake. I never wondered why the house was so cheap, it should have cost a lot more than it had. It was a beautiful house, during the day, but by night it creaked and moaned with age.

It had started my first night here. At first there were screams, spine chilling screams. I was frightened but I was also determined to spend at least a night in my new house. I didn't want to give it up easily.

I think it might have been a mistake to move here alone, though I don't want to condemn anyone else. Of course if I'd known that the story behind this house was true I would have run for the hills.

After the screams ended the shifting came, the boxes in my room that I hadn't had a chance to unpack yet slid across the floor, not far, mere inches but it was strange and frightening. That was it for the first night. The worst was to come the second.

I woke up that morning feeling tired and groggy. I went straight to the town and to the library, i was determined to find out the true story behind this house.

It turns out a boy had murdered his whole family and was said to have been possessed. That was something I couldn't believe even after the night before. I went home feeling stressed and scared.

The next night I settled down for bed, I had changed into my pajamas and had gotten comfortably warm under my sheets when it all started. The screams came, the shifting boxes, I expected it to end there but it didn't. First, the corners of my room grew darker, and shiny. A car must have driven past because a beam of light came through my window and as it passed, it lit all the corners of my room in turn. What I'd thought were shadows was actually blood seeping from the ceiling, thicker in the corners.

Of course I screamed and ran for the light but something grabbed me by my hair. I'd always treasured my beautiful golden curls but now they were a burden. I was thrown onto my back on the floor and beaten mercilessly. I was able to get a look at who was beating me.

There had been a picture of the boy who had killed his family, he had been sentenced to life in prison but had killed himself whilst in his cell. The thing that was beating me to death was this boy, though his skin had withered and cracked as if he'd been burned. His pupils were white, his irises red. His hands were horribly twisted into claws of flesh and bone. He beat me but did not kill me. Once he was finished he retreated to the wall. Crawling like a child.

Once he got to his corner and cradled himself he turned from me and crawled up the wall, proceeding to climb along the ceiling. Once he had reached the middle of the ceiling, directly over myself he spun his head around and glared at me with his horrible eyes. I heard a distinct cracking sound coming from his mouth, his jaw broke open and he let out a wail of pain. His mouth increased in size until his jaw hung loose and the scream had become a gurgling sound and blood was seeping from his mouth.

Suddenly he went quiet and then after a quick evil glance at me he burst into maniacal laughter and exploded. Flesh and bone flew across the room, splattering me and my belongings. That was the point when I passed out.

When I awoke everything was back to normal, apart from my body. I was bruised black and blue, purple and green in some places. I left there in a hurry throwing all of my things into my car. I drove wildly along the road to get away. I turned slowly around the bend, although I couldn't remember there being one.

I ended up back at the house. I tried to escape the whole day and forever turned up back at that house. I was stuck here forever. I should have listened to my neighbours.

News reporter:
'A miss Caliss has been missing now for over a week. The only thing that was found in the house she recently moved into was a lock of her hair, her car and a picture of the family who had lived in the house prior. A picture of Jimmy who murdered his family was horribly disfigured and thought to have been burned by Miss Caliss.'

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