The Black Rose Book

by Sabrina D.
(Massachusetts, USA)

This girl and her father lived in their own book store. The girl’s name was Allison (Alli for short) and she was 12. Her father was alone because her mother died when Alli was young.

One night when Alli and her father were closing up the shop, she found a book she had never seen before. It was a bound leather book with a black rose grown into the spine. She asked her father about the book and he freaked out and said she should just to leave it on the shelf.

After the shop was closed and her dad was asleep, Alli snuck downstairs to get the book. She grabbed it and rushed upstairs. She hopped onto her bed and turned the pages of the book one by one. Then, she flipped to the page with the black rose in the center and as soon as she turned the page the rose pricked her and she screamed, awakening her dad.

He ran as fast as he could to Alli’s room. He found her unconscious on her bed. He pushed the book away and felt Alli’s pulse and then tears filled his eyes.

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