The Black Cat's Family

by Nazatul

Back when I was a first grader, I used to have a family of black cats. I love them very much but everything changed when I turned second grader.

I'm walking back from school to my house, a condominium, when I hear a cat meowing at the stairs. I went to the stairs and saw a black cat walking around a pile of trash. It is starving, patting dirty plastic bags for food. I quickly went into my house, dropped my school bag and went to the kitchen to find some fish.

I didn't have any cat food so, I took a small fried fish and put it on a piece of paper. I bring it to the stairs, where the cat who is busy got attention from me.

I gave the cat the fish, and it ate quite quickly, quicker than I expected. When it finished eating, it meowed to me kindly. I stroked the cat's back and it purred. When I stroked the cat, I soon realized it's a female cat.

"I'll call you Puss." I said.

"Meow..!"The cat said, looking at me with it's bright yellow eyes.

Then, I heard another cat meowing from upstairs, but it is a deep voice. Puss answered, and I'm guessing it's her friend. Another black cat came downstairs, ran to the paper for the fish. The fish only left a few bits of fish, and the cat ate all of it including the bones.

I stroked both of the cats, and soon realized the other cat has a scar on it's right eye. The cat that has a scar is a male cat, and I'm going to call it 'Scar'.

After a few weeks, I always bring food to both of the cats, and I continue this routine like I follow school class schedule.

Puss has a big belly, and left a meal for a day. The next day, Puss gave birth to three kittens that is very shy to me. Scar rarely came for a meal, guess he went for a fight with other cats.

When I turned second grade, the family of cats had gone. They never showed up, and even if I search for them, there are none of them. Whenever I called their names, they never appeared. I was sad.

But, I always have to accept reality.

Everything and everyone doesn't last forever, especially the one and the thing you loved.

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