The big toe

by Brianna

One day a boy found a toe in the ground and tried to pull it out. When the boy finally got the toe out of the ground it came off in his hand and the boy heard somthing scamper away. He brought the toe home and showed it to his mom and she said''this will be great in the stew'' so the dad cut it up in three pieces so everyone could have a piece of the toe.

After dinner the boy went to bed as he was sleeping a voice woke him up and it sounded like it was coming from the woods. it said ''wwwhhheeerrr iiss mmyy tttoooeee'' the boy said ''its okay he,ll never find me he's in the woods''.

Sooo the boy went back to sleep. Then later in the back yard he herd ''wwwhhheeerrr iiss mmyy tttoooeee'' and the boy got frightend. He put the covers over his head and tried to go back to sleep. After he heard it coming from the kitchen to the living room''wwwhhheeerrr iiss mmyy tttoooeee'' he was so so so scared.

Then he heard it outside his bedroom door ''wwwhhheeerrr iiss mmyy tttoooeee'' he was so frightend he stoped breathing for 10 seconds. When he thought he was scared enough he heard it beside him in the bed ''wwwhhheeerrr iiss mmyy tttoooeee'' the ghost then tore him apart then ate him.

No one had ever seen him or his parents but mr walker the wood cutter who died knew just where he was and his parents too he also had his toe cut off.

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