The Big City and Us

by Breanna
(Powder Springs, GA, United States)

Annie was at her best friend Charlotte’s house and had nothing to do. It was too blistering hot to go outside, but inside, they were both bored to tears. The glowing sun shone through the window and bounced off Charlotte’s charm bracelet as millions of glittering rays danced on the walls. Both of them sat on the couch, chins in the palm of their hand, eyes deep in thought.

“I know!” Charlotte exclaimed. “We could look at my parents’ old yearbooks and make fun of everyone’s clothes and hair. I know it’s not the best idea, but its something.”

Annie shrugged. “It’s the best idea either of us have had yet.”

They skipped down the stairs to Charlotte’s parents’ library. “Here they are.” Charlotte pointed to a row of dated-looking yearbooks on a shelf near the top. Annie stood on her tiptoes to select the book she wanted. As she was about to grab a 1982 yearbook, a big leather book with gold writing on the bind caught her eye. She removed it from the shelf and looked at the cover.

It read Atlanta at the top and the rest was decorated with pictures of skyscrapers, peaches, and Coca-Cola bottles. “Hey, what is this?” Annie asked Charlotte. Charlotte glanced at the cover. “Oh, that’s some book my parents got last year after they visited Atlanta. There’ a bunch of cool pictures in there. You can look at it if you want.”

Annie opened the book. “Hey, did you know Atlanta is the location of The Coca-Cola headquarters and the world’s largest aquarium? Doesn’t that sound fun?” Charlotte looked up. “You know what? We should go!”

Annie raised her eyebrows. “To Atlanta? Our parent would KILL us. You know that. And we’re only fifteen. We can’t drive.”
Charlotte smiled. “But I know someone who can.” They looked into each other’s eyes. “Beth!” They said in unison. Beth was Charlotte’s older sister, and loved adventure. They both knew Beth would be willing to take them. After all, they had enough money for gas and anything else they wanted.

“That’s a great idea!” Beth exclaimed after hearing their idea. “I’ve never been to the city before. And we don’t live too far away. Just escaping this rural farm for a few hours is exactly what I need.”

“So you’ll do it?” Annie smiled. She and Charlotte shrieked with delight.
Beth smiled and nodded a positive. “Let’s go!”
After driving for a few hours, the threesome arrived. “We have tons of money, a tank of gas and a map. What should we do first?”
After an afternoon of city life, they drove home with big smiles on each of their faces. Their taste of life in the city was nice, but it was refreshing to be home. That night, as Annie drifted off to sleep, she realized everything she needed was right here- at home sweet home.

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