The Beast

by Wale Kappo
(Houston Texas)

In the middle of a scary night I woke up just to find myself lying on my front porch with the blowing and whistling sound of the wind. I got scared and when I tried to get back in the house the door was locked. With all the noise and the spooky sounds it was so scary when I finally turned around to see what was happening I found words written in blood on a shirt hung in the garage. I went closer and finally the words said "I am the beast and I am here to hunt you down" so I got scared and then screamed out loud saying to whomever it was "show yourself". Then suddenly the beast just came out of the the dark coming closer.

I tried opening the door immediately, the door flung open, then it got really spooky and dark in the house. I tried to flick on the lights but they wouldn't come on. I tried using the phone but it was disconnected. Taking a step I stepped on a torch... a little relieved, now I could use a little light. Immediately I turned on the torch I saw the same words in blood saying the same thing I had seen outside because I knew I already locked the door and there was no other way to get inside except for the windows. Then I went to check the windows, but everything was locked. As soon as I turned back I saw a huge, hairy monster about nine feet tall standing in front of me with his sharp and awful teeth.

I screamed and ran away from the area then I turned back trembling with fear but he was no longer there as soon as I turned back he tore me with his mighty and thorny fingers. With blood gushing out of my hand I asked him what he wanted from me, and finally I was wiped out.

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