The Beast Of The Woods

by Ariana Antonelli

There was once a boy named Michael Grone who lived in a cabin in the woods. Michael has lived in the woods his whole life. He was even born in the woods.

Michael knew the whole woods. Every party inside out. So, one day it came when Michael's mom needed fire wood. She has never let him walk alone in the woods, he was 10 years old.

He started walking into the woods. "OK" Michael said with a breath "I walk until I see the White Oak tree with carvings on it, then I turn right". He walked and walked and walked until finally, he found the tree. "Finally!" Michael shouted loud enough for anyone next to him to hear but quiet enough to not disturb any of the animals.

He stopped in front of the tree. "No wonder they call it the Carved Tree! There are millions of carvings on it!" Michael thought to himself. He sat down on a tree stump next to the Carved Tree. He started reading all the carving. "Patric loves Amber, Freds a dork, smile :). I knew people once lived here!" Michael said. Just as he said that, he spotted a big carving on the side of the tree that said "BEWARE,THE BEAST", there was a story written on the bottom of it."The full moon appears once a month" Michael started to read,"and that is when the beast strikes!

Each year on one of those full moons, he comes from his cave and sets out with a bunch of other animals to find a child to eat. He goes from house to house lookin through the windows to see what kid is ripe enough. Once he finds his house, he opens the window and snatches them before anyone can make a sound and replaces them with a doll which comes to life when the family wakes-up and kills them. Once the doll is done eating, the beast comes back that night to get the doll back.

The beast goes all around the world searching for children to eat with his animals for 11 months. On the last month, he comes back to his cave and sleeps." Michael sat there for a few minutes without making a sound. After that long silence, he burst into laughter. "On the last month, he comes back to go to sleep! oh yeah! And he has an "evil" doll!" He laughed for a long time. After he was done laughing, he stood up and thought about which way he was supposed to turn again.

"Now" Michael snapped " I think it was left, or right? Well, I'll just go left and see" What Michael didn't see was that next to the story on the tree, there were words written with a black Sharpie that said "The beast's cave is left of the tree, NEVER turn left!"

As Michael started walking, he saw a small cave "Nice" Michael said "That person went so far with his "true" story that he even put a cave here! Well, I'll just go in and see if the "beast" is here or somewhere else around the world right now!" Michael chuckled as he walked in. It was a low, moist cave with narrow walls "It looks like the Flinstones' house" Michael said crouching down to walk. His back hit the top or the cave and made a loud BANG! "OW!" Michael shrieked. Thats when the cave started to rumble. "Wow!" Michael shouted "I can't believe this person went this far! You can come out now "beast". The rumbling stopped. Michael felt a chill dance on his spine. He felt like he was just washed up on a deserted island............ he didn't know what to do.

In a flash of an eye, a big fuzzy brown lump came hurtling out of the cave, just as he did, so did Michael. "Help!" he screamed. He was too far into the woods, no one could hear him. "GRRAAAAA!" The beast came tumbling after Michael. The beast had sweaty, spikey hair rolling all over his face, his lumpy body had spots of blood of it. "AHHHHH!!" Michael screamed on the top of his lungs. As Michael ran, the beast leaped onto him and in a blink of an eye, Michael was shreds of flesh and skin.

Lesson: NEVER go in the woods alone!

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