The Beach House

by Haley
(Las Vegas Nevada)

A family of five went on vacation to their beach house. It was beautiful. It had six bedrooms, five baths and had an incredible view of the ocean. "This is going to be the greatest vacation ever" the whole family thought, all except the oldest daughter Carla. She wanted to stay home and get ready for the prom she was looking forward to.

"Come on, cheer up Carla" said Ava, the second oldest kid. "Let's go to the beach and swim in the cool water and get a tan." "Fine" Carla said "but make sure the twins go with mom and dad." Ava told their parents they were going to the beach and told them if they could take Nathan and Kenneth with them.

"What about Lola?" asked their parents. "Aren't you going to take her with you guys?" "Fine, but where is she?" asked Ava. "She's in the house."

After the three girls left to go to the beach Carla said "Okay, I'm going to get a tan while you guys go swimming. Got it?" said Carla. "OK" said Ava "but dad told us to be careful because he said some woman and her daughter were murdered here."

"Whatever, that's just a lie to get us to stay altogether" said Carla. "Are you sure?" asked Ava.

"I don't want to be swimming then all of a sudden someone comes and grabs my leg and kills me. You know dad also said that the guy that killed them is still on the loose. Of course, I'm sure" said Carla.

Soon it was night and the whole family were in the living room watching TV. There was a knock at the door. The father went to answer it. It was a man soaking wet. He asked if he could use their phone. "Sure" the father said. When the man was finished using the phone the mother asked what happened and the guy said he was driving to another town when his car ran out gas. He was walking for hours when he suddenly saw their house. He told them he couldn't find a motel and he didn't have anywhere to stay. The mother told him they have a extra room if he wanted to stay here. The man thanked them and went to the guest bedroom.

After the family went to sleep Carla heard a noise. She went to go see what had happened and saw the man in the kitchen. She went back to sleep. About one hour later she heard a scream. It sounded like Lola. She ran out of the bedroom only to see her worst nightmare... a man was chasing her with a knife. She tried stopping him but he pushed her to the ground. She hit her head and passed out.

When she finally woke up it was morning she was in her bed. She went into the living room and saw the man leaving. He told her to tell her parents thanks. When he left, she locked the door and was happy that it was just a dream, but when she went to go wake up her family she saw her family lying on the floor covered in blood.

She went to call the police but someone pushed her to the ground again and she passed out. It was the vacation she never dreamed of.

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