The Basement

by Casey F.

Annie was at home alone watching a movie in the living room when she heard something shatter in the kitchen. At first she thought it was just Pepe, her cat, she went in to see if it was a bad break. She found nothing.

While she was watching the movie, the TV went off suddenly. The remote for it was on the other side of the couch. There was no storm. Annie decided she would go to the basement to check the power box to see if something had come loose. Everything was fine. As she started up the stairs to finish her movie, the door slammed shut before she could get out.

Dark, cold, stiff air around her. Annie was scared. She suddenly felt a deep, warm breath of air on her cheeks. Lifting her hand to see who it was, she felt no one. Close to her dainty ear, a high voice whispered to her "I'm going to get you! You better run."

Annie felt shivers run down her spine so quickly. She felt a cold, lifeless hand cover her mouth. Trying her best to pry it loose, she just couldn't. A sharp pain though her stomach quickly made her drop to the ground.

When Annie's parents got home, they called and called for her. Soon, they opened the door to the basement. They found Annie's body sprawled on the cold floor, blood surrounding her.

As they started up the stairs, the door shut before the could even get out.

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