The barber shop

by Fergus - 10
(Rainham, Kent, England)

The Barber Shop

The Barber Shop

Harriet is a young girl, who has blond locks and blue eyes like the shiniest blue berries you have ever seen. She is usually seen wearing a red bow in her hair, a pink frilly dress and a silver pump on each foot. She is extremely particular about her appearance, and is also a bossy madam.

One day she decided to get her hair cut. She normally goes to a different salon each month. She was dropped off by her mother outside the salon called, 'Hells cut'. Her mother told her, "Meet me at 4pm sharp, by the fountain in the market square, toodle-oo"

Any ordinary person, like you or I, would be suspicious of this barber's shop, by the odd name of 'Hells cut' but she was no ordinary girl, was she? She was not as intelligent as most; she was as thick as two short planks.

So she entered the barber shop innocently. Not knowing that the barber was a homicidal psycho killing maniac. “Come and sit in the… CHAIR OF DEATH… I mean the chair of nice hair.” So Harriet got in the chair, waiting for the barber to work his magic.

“I’m just getting the… NITRIC ACID, I mean the shampoo.” He began to pour it on to her unsuspecting head… TTTTSSSSSSSSSSS… “AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!”

Harriet ran towards the door as the acid ate away at her brain. She collapsed and the barber feasted on her flesh.

Her mother is still waiting by the fountain for her to this very day.

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